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These trays are 7-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 1" deep.  The trays have indentations on the side as handles.  Small Servings Trays are available for $150.00.
Consider adding a small 5" matching dish for $42.00 to complete the serving set. 

Cobalt Blue
BronzeSteel Blue and Plum


The Large Serving Trays are 10" x 16" x 1-1/2" deep.  The following is a selection.  The Large Serving Trays can be made in any of the above colors.  The cost of the large serving tray is $185.00.
Consider adding a small oval dish which does nest lovely inside to create a unique serving set.

Amber with Petrified Wood Powder Swirl Steel Blue and Plum with Blue Powder Swirl

We are glad to create a serving tray especially for you.  Please feel free to call regarding any questions.  Thank you.